Pergola 3600™ Pre-Delivery Requirements

We want your installation to be straight forward and trouble free. With this in mind, we would ask you to read the following guide carefully. If you have any concerns regarding this process, please contact Jacuzzi® by email or phone:
Email -
Phone - 0113 272 7430


  • The finished pergola dimensions are: 2.929m x 2.929m x 2.505m (L x W x H. Post base cover to post base cover)

  • The power requirements are: 5.672m x 2.929m x 2.505m

  • The weight of your pergola is approximately 839kg

To ensure a trouble-free delivery, please check the following:


If you are unsure about ANY aspect of the Delivery & Access, please contact our office on 0113 272 7430.

Your pergola is delivered in packages and installed on-site. Please ensure you have enough parking for a large transit flatbed type vehicle and access for delivery to the final position of the pergola.

100cm is required on the entire route to its final position.

The height clearance must be at least 300cm above the base. (Please remember any overhanging roof eaves, overhead cables or foliage etc)


The base must be flat & level. Diagonal measurements of post placement must be accurate before bolting to ground. This is to ensure that manual zip screen blinds (optional) can be installed and operate smoothly.

Only concrete floor fasteners are provided. If you do not have a concrete slab on the ground as your base, it is recommended that you place concrete slabs below each post. These concrete slabs must be a minimum of 500x500x500mm in dimensions. The installers will not accept any liability for cracked or broken slabs that may happen when fixing the pergola to the ground.

Your base must be at least the size of your pergola’s footprint.


A suitable 13A waterproof, RCD protected socket.

The pergola structure is CE approved. The pergola will require electrical supply. If a supply is required, then this must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with current electrical regulation. With regards to localised Earth Bonding, check with your electrician regarding the requirement for earth Bonding of the structure. Your Electrician must complete a certificate for the electrical 13A socked installed.