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Jacuzzi_ecomm-Smart-pod - control on water temperature and PH for your spa
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SmartPod Digital Water Monitoring System

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Takes the guesswork out of managing your spa water! 

Designed to save time and money, SmartPod works to give you the best spa experience and water quality by monitoring the behaviour of your spa water. It's smart enough to share with you clear, personalised recommendations on water pH, temperature, sanitisation, salt levels and water quality. 

The pod floats in your spa and sends data through the app, available through the Apple store or Google Play. No subscription required. 

Reduces costs - Thanks to SmartPod's clever recommendations feature, this ensures  that chemicals are only added when needed, saving chemicals overuse and only using what is truly needed. 

Saves time - No trial and error with chemical usage thanks to the recommendations feature which recommends the the right dosage at the right time. SmartPod constantly analyses your spa water and there's the option to receive bulletins, so you are kept up to date with minimal effort. 

Peace of mind - No more guesswork! Relax in your spa knowing that the chemical is correct, helping to protect your spa and the equipment. Also go on holiday without any worry as the app allows sharing of data so they can take care of spa maintenance. 

Spread the cost - Buy now and pay in 30 days or pay in 3 easy instalments with Klarna. 

Buy with confidence - 2 years warranty included. 

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