SOUL600™ Delivery & Installation Requirements

Your order will be passed to your nearest approved Jacuzzi® retailer who will contact you to guide you through the process and make the necessary arrangements. If you have any immediate questions, you can call us on 01527 869378 or email

Hot Tub: SOUL600™
Dimensions: 216cm x 216cm x 92cm
The electrical supply must be rated as: 240v/15amp
The weight of your spa when empty is: 338 Kg
The weight of your spa when full is: 1,585 Kg

To ensure trouble-free delivery, please check the following:


Your spa is delivered using a transit-size van and manoeuvred to its final position on its side using a special trolley. Please ensure you have enough parking for a large transit flatbed type vehicle and access for delivery to the spa's final position:

  • Minimum 99cm on the entire route to its final position.

  • Minimum height clearance of at least 231cm (Please consider any overhanging roof eaves, overhead cables, or foliage).

  • Remove any obstacles such as downpipes, foliage, service boxes (electric/gas), and boiler vents that will hinder the route to the final position of the spa before delivery.

  • Are there any steps, dwarf walls, or tight turns en route to the final position of your spa?

  • Access to the property must be suitable for a transit-size van and trailer.

  • If a crane/Hiab lift is required, the final lifting contract and payment are solely between the customer and the lifting company.


The base must be flat and level (hot tubs do not have any form of adjustment to their height for levelling). Your base must be at least the size of your hot tub’s footprint. However, you may wish to make this larger to incorporate any access/steps/gazebos.

We recommend using either poured concrete, set paving slabs, or well-supported decking (maximum of 25cm centres for the decking frame). Your base must be capable of supporting the full weight of the hot tub, including the weight of the hot tub in use at full capacity - equivalent to at least 10cm thick of concrete. It is highly recommended to have a minimum of 600mm clear space all around your spa for maintenance access.

If you intend to sink or semi-sink your hot tub into a pit, you must understand the pit and drainage requirements. Please contact us for further advice.


The electrical supply must be in place before we deliver your spa*

Your spa requires a dedicated electrical supply using a suitable cable protected by a 30mA RCD/RCBO, using a type C or D-rated breaker. The electrical installation must be carried out and certified per current Electrical Regulations. The cable must run via a localised isolator, which must be at least 2m away from the spa.

The spa does NOT come with any electrical cable; therefore, we need a cable ‘tail’ from the isolator to connect to the spa. We require this cable to extend an extra 5m from the corner of the final position.

Please ensure:

  • A suitable isolator is in place.

  • A 5m ‘tail’ from the corner of the spa is left for us to make the final connection.

  • The tail end is connected to the isolator.

  • You provide the completed certificate for the dedicated electrical supply.


Your spa is filled using a normal garden hose, provided by you. Drainage is carried out via a drain valve which is built into your spa.

*Please note, it is your responsibility to protect the spa if the final installation is not carried out on the day of delivery.

We will not be responsible for connecting any cables that do not meet the above specification requirements. Our engineers cannot carry out any work or touch any other connections other than the end of the cable that they connect to the spa. If any of the above requirements are not met, and the connection cannot be completed, there will be a charge for a return visit to complete the installation and commission once the requirements are met. Please note that any additional date will be subject to our pre-booked delivery schedule. 

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