Jacuzzi® Bromine Granules - 1KG

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A popular method of sanitising hot tubs, which helps to keep your spa clean, free from germs and keep water sanitised. These tablets are powerful, yet gentle enough to sanitise and clean your hot tub. an alternative to chlorine, bromine is kinder to the skin; making it more suitable for sensitive skin and allergies. 

An advantage of using bromine is that it is typically less smelly than chlorine and it is able to tolerate higher temperatures whilst also remaining affective at higher PH levels than chlorine. although bromine is more expensive than chlorine, it lasts longer and is generally kinder to the skin. Bromine can also be re-generated in the water with a shock dose using a Non-Chlorine Shock or bromine granules, whereas when Chlorine is used up, it will no longer work to sanitise your spa. 

Easy to use - bromine tablets should be used with a bromine feeder or floater and they will dissolve. It is advised to use alongside Test Strips, to test the sanitiser levels, pH levels and Total Alkalinity. 

Using official Jacuzzi® Bromine Tablets means quality is guaranteed, which means you will need to use less product to get the same level of sanitisation vs other bromine products.