Jacuzzi® cover cleaner, 250ml, to help keep your cover clean and free from dirt and weather elements.

Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner - 250ML

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Keep your Vinyl or ProLast™ cover in tip-top condition. The Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner, suitable for hot tub or swim spa covers helps to keep your cover clean and shiny as well protecting from the outside elements. 

Using this premium silicone based solution regularly will help to prolong the life of your cover and protecting your investment. It is specially formulated to protect against UV light and moisture which are two of the biggest causes that prematurely ages covers. 

250ml spray bottle. We advise to use every couple of months. Formulated especially for Jacuzzi® hot tub and swim spa covers for superior cleaning - the Jacuzzi® Difference.  

How to clean your cover

Simply use a hosepipe to spray away any elements from your cover. Then simply wipe and dry with a soft damp cloth. Simply spray the Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner with a soft damp cloth across all areas of your cover. 

How often should the Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner be used?

It is recommended that the cover cleaner should be used at least over 3 months or whenever the cover starts to get a build up of dirt and debris. Using regularly will prevent any build up of stubborn grime and helps to maintain cleanliness whilst also keeping your cover protected against the elements and UV damage.