Jacuzzi® Test Strips - 50 Pack - choose from Chlorine, Oxygen or Bromine.
Jacuzzi test strips - chlorine
Bromine test strips for hot tubs or swim spas
Bromine test strips to test the water in your hot tub or swim spa
Chlorine test strips to test the alkalinity in your hot tub or swim spa

Jacuzzi® Test Strips - 50 Pack

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An essential product to test the bromine / chlorine / oxygen, PH and total alkalinity levels in your spa water quickly and easily. 

Simply take a strip from the pack and dip into water. The strip will take a few seconds to change colour. Then compare with the colour scale on the packaging to determine the results. 

Using these Test Strips regularly means that you ensure that your spa water is well-balanced and ready to use. 

Choose from Bromine, Chlorine or Oxygen Test Strips, depending on what you use to sanitise your hot tub or swim spa. 

Contains 50 test strips per pack. 


How often should hot tub water be tested?

It is recommended to test your spa water daily, regardless of whether or not your spa is being used


What should you look out for in your spa water?

Test strips are used to test the sanitiser levels of either bromine, chlorine or oxygen. Then also the PH and total alkalinity. Depending on the results, the water can be balanced accordingly.