SmartPod Troubleshooting

For all your product support needs, you can rely on the manufacturer, Ondilo. They have full access to the historical water analysis data collected by your SmartPod, ensuring comprehensive assistance.

Getting help is simple and tailored to your preferences. Here are the three convenient options available:

  1. Fill out an online form: Visit the Ondilo Website and complete the form for personalised support.
  2. Live chat: Reach out to Ondilo through their live chat feature, available from 8 am to 4 pm UK time.
  3. Book a phone appointment: Schedule a phone appointment for a more direct conversation.

Access any of these options easily by following this link: Ondilo Support

To ensure swift assistance, have your device's UUID number handy, as it allows them to access your SmartPod's information. You can find the UUID in various places:

  • Within the settings section on your App, under "My SmartPod."
  • On a sticker in the original box.
  • Under the grey cap on the top of your SmartPod.

Once the technical team analyses your SmartPod, they'll work on finding the best solution for you. Ondilo will then communicate with the Jacuzzi team if, in the rare event, any items need replacing and we will then immediately send them out to you.