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Jacuzzi® Lodge Medium Hot Tub Non Threaded Filter

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Replacement filter for Jacuzzi® 'Lodge M' hot tubs pre 2021. 

Features a removable top, which allows for the placement of a dispenser within the filter to accommodate slow-dissolving bromine tablets.

Replacing your filter cartridges regularly can help to:

  • Support the filtration system in the hot tub
  • Efficiently eliminates contaminants like hair, dust, leaves, and other debris
  • It ensures the delivery of safe and clean water while withstanding chlorine exposure.
  • The sturdy inner core of the filter can withstand high water pressure, safeguarding your hot tub's heater and pump from dirt and potential damage.

Product Code: HTF1250RT

Measures: 26.3cm x 14.5cm

Top: Closed (0.4cm hole)

Bottom: Bayonet fitting (5.5cm)