Jacuzzi® PH+ 1KG for hot tubs and swims spas. Helps to ensure PH in water is at the correct levels and to prevent problems such as corrosion and staining to your spa.
Jacuzzi® PH+ 1KG

Jacuzzi® PH+ 1KG

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Increase water PH to support water sanitisation.

Feature Highlights:

  1. pH Increaser Tailored for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas
  2. Balanced pH Prevents Scale Buildup and Cloudy Water
  3. Quick-Dissolving Formula for Immediate Results
  4. Enhances Spa Longevity by Maintaining Optimal pH
About Jacuzzi® pH Increaser:

If you're in search of the ideal pH balance for your hot tub or spa, our Jacuzzi® pH Increaser provides the ultimate solution. This top-tier product is purposefully crafted to elevate the pH of your spa water, ensuring it remains within the optimal range to ward off issues such as corrosion and unsightly stains.

Using the Jacuzzi® pH Increaser couldn't be simpler. Just follow the label's instructions and add the recommended quantity to your hot tub or spa water. This product is both safe and user-friendly, assisting you in maintaining the flawless pH balance essential for your hot tub or spa.

Experience firsthand the difference that Jacuzzi® brings to the table.

Important Information:

Please take note: It is imperative to maintain a pH level ranging between 7.2 and 7.8 in your hot tub. Test your hot tub water's pH, and if it falls below 7.2, employ pH+ (Increaser) to elevate it.


What are the consequences of low pH in a hot tub?

A pH level of 7.2 or lower indicates overly acidic water, which can lead to skin irritation, eye discomfort, and reduced effectiveness of your sanitizer. High acidity can also result in costly damage to your hot tub components.

What are the effects of elevated pH levels in a hot tub?

A pH level of 7.8 or higher, similar to high alkalinity, can contribute to the accumulation of scale, excessive foam, and cloudy water.

How can I check the pH levels in my hot tub?

We recommend using dip test strips for assessing pH levels, total alkalinity, and sanitiser levels in your hot tub water. They offer a user-friendly approach, delivering swift and precise results, enabling you to make necessary chemical adjustments as needed.

What is the recommended waiting time after using a pH balancer in my hot tub?

We advise allowing a minimum of 2 hours to pass after applying the pH balancer before enjoying your hot tub. This ensures that the adjustments have properly taken effect.