jacuzzi j300 genune replacement pillow
replacement pillow for j300 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J300™ Pillow & Pillow Back

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J300™ Hot Tub Replacement pillow for models 2014 - 2019. Made out of the latest injection molding technology, the firm yet comfortable design is 100% waterproof with superior resistance.

Replacing pillows is also an easy way to refresh the look of your hot tub. Hot tub pillows typically need replacing every 2-3 years. 

How to make your hot tub pillows last longer:

  • Make sure your hot tub's water is perfectly balanced to protect your headrests
  • Remove pillows from your spa when adding any sanitisers or chemicals. Reattach after 15 minutes. This avoids any disintegration. 
  • Keep away from direct sun exposure. This avoids any fading or shrinking. 
  • Rinse them regularly to remove any chemical residue
  • Wipe clean from time to time and when water is changed in your spa 
  • Remove hot tub pillows when not in use. 
Part No. 2472-824