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Jacuzzi® PowerTone™ Fitness Kit for Swim Spas

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This patented PowerTone™ fitness kit is designed to help you get the most of your swim spa - and provides a multi-functional workout for all levels. The power of drag resistance training provides a seamless and balanced workout all muscle groups. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels - makes the perfect gift for a loved one!

The fitness kit contains:

  • 2 x PowerTone™ bells
  • 1 x swing trainer
  • 4 x resistant fins
  • Plus a handy Jacuzzi® bag to keep your kit in one place.

Workout videos available through the smart tub app or the PowerTone™ Fitness Series on You Tube. The workouts are:

  • PowerTone™ Core
  • PowerTone™ Endurance
  • PowerTone™ Strength
  • PowerTone™ Circuit
  • PowerTone™ Functional
  • PowerTone™ Tabata