SmartTub® energy saving for hot tubs and swim spas - temperature setting
SmartTub® energy saving for hot tubs and swim spas - filtration setting
SmartTub® energy saving for hot tubs and swim spas - jets setting
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jacuzzi smart tub energy saving for hot tubs

Jacuzzi® SmartTub® Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade to SmartTub® for simplified hot tub and swim spa ownership. Learn more below:

Ease of Use and Convenience 

  • Always connected with cellular based technology - SmartTub removes WIFI downtime by connecting straight to cellular towers
  • Smart device control: Alexa, Google Home, SIRI, iWatch - ask Alexa to start your massage
  • Connect one SmartTub® account to a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Jacuzzi® Swim SpaOne device for all 
  • Control key features including water filtration and temperature, pumps, jets, lights and moreManage your hot tub or swim spa ready for use, whether you’re home or on the go, or have guests staying at your house 

SmartTub® for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

  • Schedule hot tub soaks using Smart Heat Mode - Heat the water to be ready when you plan to use your hot tub. You will also receive an estimate of your energy savings when this feature is activated.  
  • Switch on Vacation Mode when you’re away – Will cool the water to a point where necessary filtration cycles still run, saving you up to 25% on standby heating 
  • Energy efficient hot tub ownership - Real time energy usage monitoring allows you to track off-peak and peak energy costs, check how many kWh your hot tub is using 

SmartTub® for Jacuzzi Swim Spas

  • Select one of five swim modes - Control the intensity of your swim for fitness or fun 
  • Stay active – Choose from one of six PowerTone™ fitness videos in the ‘workout’ section 
  • Energy efficient swim spa ownership – Real time energy usage monitoring allows you to track off-peak and peak energy costs 

    Remote Monitoring

    • Delivers energy usage reports - review energy usage to look at ways to be more efficient
    • Relays power outage notifications - make sure you know if your hot tub has no power
    • Timed routine maintenance reminders – Receive alerts when it’s time to clean and replace filters or drain and refill the water 

    Download SmartTub® App Now

    Click the icons below to download the app and check out our demo mode.

    The SmartTub® app is free for the first year and $36 per year from year 2.  

    Cellular Technology

    The SmartTub® System incorporates the best technologies for connected products, leveraging the fact that hot tubs are located outdoors. Directly connect to local cell towers, we partner with major wireless carriers around the world to ensure stable networks with maximised performance without affecting your personal cellular plan.

    Compatibility & Delivery

    Please note: the SmartTub® upgrade is available for all Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collections manufactured from 2018 onward. It is as standard for J-400™ collection hot tubs and an optional upgrade for J-300™ and J-400™ collections. 

    SmartTub® is available for all Jacuzzi® Swim Spa products. It is offered as standard with Jacuzzi® PowerPro and PowerActive and an optional upgrade for the PowerPlay Swim Spa. 

    Delivery: The kit is available for free courier delivery. Installation is available at an additional cost of £125 inc vat. If you require this service, please select "SmartTub® Upgrade Kit Installation Service" as your shipping method at Checkout and we will contact you to make the arrangements. Alternatively, contact our customer care team by emailing