Rollaway™ Swim Spa Cover fully open
Rollaway™ Swim Spa Cover half open - allows easy access to your spa
Rollaway™ Swim Spa Cover half open - access your swim spa quickly and easily
Rollaway™ Swim Spa Cover protect your swim spa investment
Rollaway™ Swim Spa Cover  fully closed. helps with energy efficiency and fully insulated

Rollaway Swim Spa Cover

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The Rollaway Swim Spa Cover is the ultimate solution for efforts cover removal on your swim spa. A game-changer for your spa, helping to prepare your swim spa experience with minimal effort. 

Effortless Cover Removal: User-friendly design, allowing a single person to effortlessly roll it off the swim spa in under 60 seconds, allowing you to easy access for activities such as swimming, aqua fitness, and hydrotherapy.

Energy Efficient: The Rollaway Swim Spa Cover is engineered to create a seamless seal atop your swim spa, locking in heat and minimising heat loss. 97% of the swim spa’s infrared heat is reflected back into the swim tank. 

Built to Last: Manufactured using the quality materials, among is durable to withstand all weather elements, even heavy snow loads. Additionally, the top and stitching are UV protected, ensuring they remain intact over time and under direct sunlight. 

Please note that is recommended that the shelf brackets are purchased to securely allow the rolled cover to sit at the side of the Swim Spa. 


Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery for this item. 


  • Free:

    Covers are available for FREE Courier Delivery to your front door in mainland UK locations.
  • New Cover Assistance Service:  Cover Delivery & Installation (£79):

    Please select this shipping method at checkout if you would like your new cover to be delivered and fitted onto your swim spa.

  • New Cover Assistance Service: Cover Delivery, Custom Installation, and Disposal (£279):
  • Please select this shipping method at checkout If you would like your new cover to be delivered, custom fitted onto your swim spa; which includes repositioning the cover clips by filling and re-drilling bracket holes if required, and disposal of your old cover.