O-Care Hot Tub Water Maintenance System

O-Care Hot Tub Water Maintenance System

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The best solution for natural spa water

O-Care makes water maintenance easy whilst using less harsh chemicals. 

Hot Tub Water Maintenance System 

Reduce Chemicals needed by up to 78% 

O-Care - Safe Soft Simple 

Easy to use, add a dose once a week for hassle-free water maintenance! 

✓ Save £5 per box when you subscribe to recurring shipments! 

A yearly subscription will provide 12 years of clean water to a person and family in a developing country because O-Care is a proud supporter of Water.org

O-Care can reduce the amount of Chlorine or Bromine needed up to 78%. Chemicals can irritate eyes, ears and skin, so O-Care is especially safe for children who love to go underwater.

Your skin will feel soft and smell very nice. The mixture of high-quality mineral salts will leave your skin feeling soft and odorless. No need to shower after bathing.

Just add the 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included. The O-Care box will last 3 to 5 months.