Pergola Zip Screen Blind
Pergola Zip Screen Blind
Pergola Zip Screen Blind

Pergola Manual Zip Screen Blind (Single)

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Shelter from the wind, rain, and sun with our manual zip screen blinds that can be attached to one or all sides of the Pergola 3300™ and Pergola 3600™.

Effortlessly open or close them by hand using the spring system, allowing you to stay comfortable, maintain privacy, and reduce the need for sunscreen.

Each pergola blind is sold separately and made from 25% polyester and 75% PVC materials. Stay protected and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.


Anthracite grey (charcoal)
Colour fastness - 8 Grade
Openness factor - 5%


We offer FREE Courier Delivery for pergola blinds to mainland UK locations. Installation is straightforward and performed by you, the customer. If you require our assistance, this service is available with an additional charge. Please contact our team for more information. If your blind is ordered together with a Pergola, then it will be fitted during the installation process.